Energetic Wellness Session

It is scientifically proven that a higher subconscious focused thought can have significant affect on the overall well being on the human body … physically, mentally and spiritually.  As daily life becomes busier, stress levels increase and Self Love decreases. To help remedy this Lavender Solutions is introducing the “Calm, Clear, Change” Boost Program. This program will allow you to get the care that you need regardless of your busy schedule!

 A Session will include:

  • Realignment of  Chakras
  • Balancing the Brain & Body Systems
  • Clearing Trapped Emotions and Negative Energy held in the body 
  • Filling you with Positive Intentions and the Healing Light of Christ
  • A detailed report of work completed

(All sessions are done energetically and all work done will be reported to you after its finished)

Clearing of Trapped Emotions and Toxins

Trapped Emotions and toxins held in the body cause stress and prevent healing

Connecting the Chakras

The chakras need to stay aligned or they may cause the body to experience physical or emotional symptoms 

Calming the Brain & Body Systems

The body systems can be balanced and calmed to improve their functioning

Replacing Negativity with Light

An energetic shield is placed around you to keep all positive love and light in and keep negativity out

After each session you will receive a  detailed report of what was found and worked on. As well as some simple suggestions on how to maintain an overall peace while juggling your busy life.