Energetic Wellness Session

The body is not only made up of tissues, blood vessels and organs. It’s also comprised of energy, or Chi as it is called in traditional Chinese medicine. This energy circulates through out the body along meridians.  A customized session is made up of a combination of Energetic Manipulation and Muscle testing to assist you on your wellness journey

Chakra Balancing & Realignment

Chakra Balancing means to restore a healthy, relaxed and natural flow of energy in a Chakra. The stressed of daily life cause the Chakras to become unbalanced and overloaded thus causing the life-force and inner flow of Qi to be hindered.

Clearing Trapped Emotional Energy

A trapped emotion is emotional energy that causes feelings of depression and anxiety, but each trapped emotion may also block people from seeing love and happiness or make them feel disconnected from others.

Clearing Negative Energy

Negative energy comes from negative people, from your surroundings, or from your own psyche. It can leave you exhausted both mentally and physically.

Muscle Testing

We use muscle testing to evaluate the electrical network that surrounds and flows through the body to determine what supplements or modalities are best for your care plan on your journey to overall wellness.