COMMUNITY: More Opportunities For Your Wellness Journey

Finding the  support you need 

Ohana df. Family is an extended sense of the term, including all blood-related, adoptive or intentional family by association. It emphasizes that individuals are bound together through a spirit of family. Here at Ohana Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we have a desire to provide the benefit of natural, alternative healthcare for our entire family.

Dr Susan Schultz, DC

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Book today to see why Veronica De Haan Massage Therapy is A Touch You Can Trust. By offering a variety of modalities including, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone, and Massage Cupping, there is a treatment for everyone at an inclusive price.  
Winfield Ivers

Earth and Spirit Medicine’s purpose is to help every one of our guests learn how to live the Earth and Spirit Medicine Way. We will teach you the ancient wisdom of how to become a master of self. We will remind you how to live in harmony with all living things. 

Dr. Christopher's: School Of Natural Healing

Providing Everyone with a deep understanding of Herbs and of Dr. Christopher’s methodology to healing.