Brain Working Recursive Technique (BWRT)

BWRT is a form of therapy developed by UK psychotherapist Terence Watts. It is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy that aims to help individuals overcome a wide range of psychological issues, including anxiety, phobias, and negative thought patterns. The goal of BWRT is to quickly and effectively help individuals change their thought patterns and behaviors in order to achieve greater happiness and well-being. It is a fast-acting therapy that focuses on the present and the future, rather than delving into the past. BWRT uses a unique approach that involves guiding the brain through a series of steps to arrive at a desired change in behavior or thought.



BWRT was developed in 2011 by Terence Watts and operates on the principle that our physical brains respond to events and make decisions even before we are physically aware of them. The brain, however, is adaptable and capable of learning in a fast and efficient way. BWRT focuses on where you want to be but just haven’t been able to.


We learn something new by practicing it over and over again, BWRT uses the same principle to learn a new way of reacting and behaving through repetition, rehearsal and reflection of successes. BWRT also uses your own powerful imagination and thought processes.

BWRT allows us the opportunity to work in that interval between the commencement of an action and conscious awareness. This therapy is largely content-free, using the client’s own thought processes to get a release from the symptomatic pattern. There is a strict protocol which ensures maximum effectiveness and complete safety.


Your brain is like a computer. The memories in your brain is like software. These memories can cause problems if they are negative or unhealthy.  Your BWRT session is literally going to freeze the old software and install new, positive software.

Within 15-20 minutes during the process you will experience a fast, substantial and permanent relief of your symptoms.

In a session, you will then be guided through the process with your eyes closed and in a completely alert state. You will use your own thoughts. The process is completely logical, practical and down-to-earth.  All it needs to be successful is for you to want to make positive changes in your life.