Welcome to Lavender Solutions! Our journey has been an incredible evolution, mirroring my personal growth and deepening motivation to make a difference in the lives of others. As the founder, my initial drive to establish this business was fueled by my daughter, Carrie, and her struggles with failing health. Her well-being remains a powerful force propelling our mission to help others, but the purpose behind Lavender Solutions runs even deeper.

Throughout the process of assisting Carrie in her healing journey, I came to a profound realization – I needed healing as well. Past experiences from my life, burdens that I had carried for far too long, demanded my attention. Life had led me to a path where I constantly prioritized caring for others, often at the expense of my own health and well-being. It was time for a change. It was time to care for myself and address the ghosts of my past.

My adult life had been dedicated to caring for others while neglecting my own needs. A culmination of childhood abuse, feelings of abandonment, the pain of divorce, and the trauma of war had left me barely hanging on. But I knew it was time to reclaim my strength and heal from within.

Lavender Solutions is not just a business; it embodies a personal journey of growth, resilience, and self-care. Our mission is to extend a helping hand to those in need, offering support, guidance, and healing solutions for life’s challenges. Through our experiences, we understand the importance of nurturing oneself while aiding others on their path to recovery.

As you explore our services and products, I hope you feel the sincerity and dedication that goes into each aspect of Lavender Solutions. We are here to create a positive impact, not just for your well-being but also for the broader community. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey of healing and empowerment. 

Debbie S Williams

Herbal Nutritionist, 

BWRT Practitioner

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Carrie E Williams

Intuitive Healer, Specializing in animals